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ACV Gummies

I just started taking them, but they are delicious 💗

MS och spacticitet

Jag har MS och tycker att det hjälper lite mot symptomen, jag är inte lika stel och spacticeten är bättre

Great mood lifter

I take in the morning with before my coffee. I usually wake up with negative thoughts and they go away within a few minutes of taking CBD

There is nothing better!

In my 56 years I have used just about every muscle and joint pain cream known to mankind, and I must say I have NEVER had one that works like this formula does. Thank you KokuaVida and the Doctors that created this formula!!!!

Great Sleep

I only started using it 4 days ago. So far I have experienced great sleep, moderate improvement in pain, calmer demeanor and better digestion.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500mg - Café Mocha (EU)
Debreczeni-Klivinyi Kinga
Better sleep

I can sleep during all night without waking up finally

Best products ever!

I just have to share. I ran out of AM CBD oil and I started having aches, and pains, even though I was still taking my PM at night. I received my order last week and started taking it faithfully, every morning and evening. I'm so happy to say that I am feeling much better. I found out how very important it is to take the CBD, twice a day for the best results. Not to mention that I also feel less stressed and calmer during the day. So thankful we have the best products and prices to help us feel our best. 😊 I don't ever want to run out again!

Perfect super

Perfect super

Great product!

Sleeping well with this product and it's helping my inflammation! Where have you been all my life! I love you!

Good and strong oil thats calming and give you good sleep. Sleep like a baby now

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500mg - Florida Orange (EU)
Zsuzsanna Pallagi

Nice taste, I really like it, cannot really feel the hemp.


I LOVE this new skin care. My face feels hydrated and soft. I have only used this product 5 times and I can already see a difference in my skin. I'm so excited to see what my skin looks like in a month!


The AM & PM keeps my mind and body in balance which helps everything to function better. I can’t imagine not having it!!! Thank you!!! 🤗


So very thankful for VidaTrim! Never has my appetite disappeared; NEVER until recently! And yet that’s exactly what happens with my morning VidaTrim capsule! A gentle bit of energy easily slides me thru the rest of my day. Easy not to snack when there’s no appetite ~ easy not to overeat, I’m not hungry! So filled with gratitude for KokuaVida’s VidaTrim💞💥🙏🏼 Thank you for VidaTrim!!

Products are Amazing and prices reflect the quality of the merchandise. Thanks for sharing the information so I can clearly understand it's usage.. ☺️

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500mg - Café Mocha (EU)
Essy Göransson
Saves the day!

With this amazing product I have regain my peace of mind. It literally saves the day!

Knowledge is key!

Learning more about your body will help you provide for it in the best possible way. Thank you for creating this!

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500mg - Café Mocha (EU)
Nadine Ruythooren
CBD 3500 Café Mocha Taste

Very good taste and very Good. Increased Focus. Very good Product

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500 mg

Love this product. We were over friends one day, and they were taking their BP. I was reluctant because I knew my top number is always high, but I bit the bullet and took mine....what a blessing, 120/64. I take my CBD faithfully every morning and night. Thank you for a product that works!❤️❤️

Banan stawberry is the best


I cant live whit out this CBD oil

Slept all night!

"I slept all night without getting up once! That hasn't happened in a very long time!"

Like "Letting the Sunshine In"

I started taking CBD two months ago and since then I feel somehow more like myself, like I was a couple of years ago. Just feeling more hopeful and energetic. Usually my overall basic feeling is very much affected by my energy levels. I find myself just makinga decision and getting things done, something I've struggled with last couple of years, lacking motivation. Moreover, I feel much more stability, those peaks I had before are somewhat flattened. Would definitely recommend this oil to others.